Screen Free Teens: How Parents Can Help Their Teens be Free From Online Addictions

Parents have the extremely hard job of enforcing rules and boundaries so their children can do that for themselves when they grow up.  Throw in the complexities of the internet, and it can feel impossible to know how to parent effectively.


How much is too much time online? How do you limit your child's screen time? How do you know what your kids are doing online? Why is it that all of a sudden your kids want to have nothing to do with you (or anyone else), and only play a video game? Making a TikTok Video? What makes those games so interesting anyways? I don't get it! What do I do?


Join Jeremy Edge, LPC, IGDC, and Daniel Echols, LPC, and they help parents navigate technology with teens.


Bio. Jeremy Edge, LPC, IGDC, is a licensed professional counselor with over seven years of experience working with adults, teens, and children in various settings, including ADAPT of Missouri, Every Child’s Hope, and in private practice.  After personally experiencing the negative effects of Gaming Disorder, Jeremy devoted his work to helping those recover from problematic and disordered screen use, and started his own company to help teenagers and adults obtain a more balanced relationship with screens.


Daniel Echols, LPC, 


9/11/2022 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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