Prayer Requests from 1/12/2020 through 1/25/2020


I would like a special prayer that I secure employment. I have been without a job for 10 months and I feel like there is no hope. I have have sent hundreds of resumes, had several phone and in person interviews and cant seem to secure a position. I have trouble sleeping because I am constantly worried about my bills and losing my home. I have prayed but I feel as if my prayers arent being heard and no one cares.

Please say a special prayer for me.

Thank you,

Yvette Price

[Finances/Job] YVETTE PRICE

Hi, I spoke to the Pastor this morning. I’ve visited the church very quietly and in the background sporadically for months, but I feel like I want to immerse myself somewhere within this church. I’ve endured 5 surgeries in the last 8 months and need another one; but my last paycheck was $34 and that will not be enough to pay my monthly bills so I’ll need to go back to work and wait a few months before I can take care of the next much needed surgery. I feel broken. I need complete healing. I’d like my active life back. And in the meantime, I’m depressed, my boyfriend of over a year broke up with me because of my health issues, and I am the world’s biggest and best worrier. God has met my needs ALWAYS and I know He will continue to, but I don’t think some extra prayer will hurt? Will you please pray for me? I’d also like to join a small group and I’m interested in the Monday night women’s Bible study. I’ve always had a very strong foundation of Jesus Christ but a little help in prayer is needed. Thank you so very much!!!

[Healing] Debbie Archer
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