Prayer Requests from 11/1/2019 through 11/14/2019

Please pray for Bev who is struggling with stressful home situation. Prayer for strength, wisdom in decision making and workable solution, God's will to prevail.

[General] Edie Peace

Prayers for pain relief an swift and complete healing for Karla Tuma. She was rear ended in car accident last week, guy had no insurance. Karla is suffering a lot of back and neck pain.

[General] Edie Peace

Prayers for Robin, lady at Freegrace in Richardson. She is suffering from breast cancer and ;having lots of side effects from chemo that limit her ability to work. If she can't work enough to pay expenses at Freegrace she will have no where to go. She is very positive and cheerful in spite of circumstances. She is constantly saying that God has already defeated her cancer. Prayers for healing, financial and living solutions.

[General] Edie Peace

Please pray for Barb as she is facing major, challenging decisions.

[General] Edie Peace

I was at Parkland last week to visit the family of Kiley (16 yr old) who was burned over 60% of her body in car accident when the car exploited. 90% of her burns are 3rd degree. Doctor says she will loose fingers on right hand.
Met with grandmother who is Kiley's prime source of emotional and spiritual support, encouragement, etc. Mother is abusive to Kiley and Grandmother. Many negative family dynamics involved. Grandmother, Jan, is only source of stability. Please pray for strength, wisdom and courage for Jan and God's mercy for Kiley and healing for family. Much need for prayers, please.

[General] Edier Peace

Prayers for relief and healing for Kimber at Freegrace House as she suffers from major pleurisy as result of pneumonia which is limits her ability to work and pay expenses.

[General] Peace

Please pray for Robbie as she has several major decisions to make this week.
Prayer for strength, wisdom and discernment in decision making, God's will to prevail.

[General] Edie Peave
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