We invite you to join us by giving financially to support the mission and ministry of Springcreek Church. Because we feel giving is an act of worship, we have offering boxes located in the worship auditoriums and in the front lobby. You are always welcome to give your offering there or if you miss a service you can give online.

If you are looking for a different or reoccurring way to give, here are our options:

Text to Give: It's simple, easy, and convenient to give online, simply by texting "SPRINGCREEK" to 77977

Debit/Credit Card Payment: Simply login and setup through "Give Online" and enter your information as requested. This is automatic, and can be a recurring and taken from your debit/credit card on the day you designate each month.

Giving Kiosks: Four Giving Kiosk stations are available in the lobby for your convenience.

Stock Donations: Springcreek also accepts stock donations. Contact Gerry Owen (Gerry@SpringcreekChurch.org) or Yadi Gonzalez (Yadi@SpringcreekChurch.org) for more information on this process.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your login or password, please feel free to email Yadi at (Yadi@SpringcreekChurch.org) or call 972-494-5683 ext.245.

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