Registration for Surviving the Suicide of a Loved One

"Grieving a Suicide: A Loved Ones Search for Comfort, Answers, and Hope".  Anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide experiences tremendous shock and trauma. What follows is a confusing mix of emotions―anger, guilt, grief, and despair. Suicide raises heartrending questions: Why did this happen? Why didnÂ’t we see it coming? Could we have done anything to prevent it? How can we go on?  After his father's death, the author, Hsu, wrestled with the intense emotional and theological questions surrounding suicide. While acknowledging that there are no easy answers, he draws on the resources of the Christian faith to point suicide survivors to the God who offers comfort in our grief and hope for the future.

Join us on the journey toward healing.

Please complete all information.  Feel free to invite family members on this journey.  (Adults 18+) 
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